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Welcome to the Gianpaolo's Gallery, a world of Cool Free Wallpapers for your Desktop

A gallery of cool original photographs from Italy, here you find free original images of Italian Landscapes. There are a lot of scenic images, pictures of mountains, lakes, sea, country and other natural landscapes. All the cool wallpapers are original images taken by me in Italy, the country where I live.

You can download and use these pictures to decorate your computer screen. All images are ready to be used as wallpapers for your computer desktop. All the pictures are in jpeg format with resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768, you can download and use these cool photo for your your computer desktop.
You can find the images in the Photo Gallery while in the Monthly Photos page you'll find the latest free wallpapers I have added to my gallery.
In the Top Twenty page you can see which are the most downloaded images from my photo gallery ! Come in and see all the wallpapers I have in my free photo gallery !

I am also offering you a cool free screen saver. It's a slideshow screen saver you can use to display your own wallpapers or the photos your download from my photo gallery. Click here to take a look at the features of gPhotoShow !


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free scenic wallpapers for your cool computer desktop

Well, I don't like speak about me but maybe you are curious and you want to know who I am and what I do in my life.

My name is Gianpaolo Bottin, I am 36 years old and I am single. I live in Turin, Italy, where I work as software engineer, I develop software using Visual C++. I develop mainly software for industrial automation, monitoring and quality control. Photography is my favorite hobby. When I have some free time I like to travel and take pictures of everything I find interesting, especially natural landscapes. Another hobby of mine is cinema, I like science fiction and action movies. I have also a DVD player and a Dolby Digital home theater system so I can enjoy movies in the best way. 

Some tech notes about the photos: older ones was taken with Pentax K1000 (my first reflex  camera), Chinon CE4 or Ricoh XR-X, but majority of the photos (and almost all macros) are taken with a Pentax LX and new ones will be taken with my new Pentax MZ-3. The lenses I own are: 20 F4,28 F2.8,35 F2.8,50 F1.7,50 F2.8 macro, 135 F3.5, 200 F4, 28-70 F4 AF, all made by Pentax; recently I have bought also 105 F2.8 macro AF and 70-300 F4-5.6 AF both by Sigma. I don't like zooms because of their low quality, but I must admit that the two zoom I have bought are rather good. Most pictures are taken with wide angle lenses and with the 50mm. For macrophotography I use a bellows with a dedicated lens (a Pentax 100mm bellows), two or three flashes and a special viewfinder for my Pentax LX.

All photos are slides from which I have got a photo cd, then I have converted them in jpeg using Corel Photo Paint.

I have bought a Nikon Coolscan III film scanner, so new photos will be a mix from PhotoCd and scanned images.