Free High Quality Scenic and Nature Wallpapers for your Computer Desktop

Welcome to the Gianpaolo's Gallery, a world of Cool Free Wallpapers for you Desktop

A gallery of cool original photographs from Italy, here you find free original images of Italian Landscapes. There are a lot of scenic images, pictures of mountains, lakes, sea, nature country and other natural landscapes. All the cool wallpapers are original images taken by me in Italy, the country where I live.

You can download and use these pictures to decorate your computer screen. All images are ready to be used as wallpapers for your computer desktop. All the pictures are in jpeg format with resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768, you can download and use them for your computer desktop.
You can find the images in the Photo Gallery while in the Monthly Photos page you'll find the latest free wallpapers I have added to my gallery.
In the Top Twenty page you can see which are the most downloaded images from my photo gallery ! Come in and see all the wallpapers I have in my free photo gallery !

I am also offering you a screen saver. It's a slideshow screen saver you can use to display your own wallpapers or the photos your download from my photo gallery. Click here to take a look at the features of gPhotoShow !


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