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My name is Gianpaolo Bottin, I am a software engineer, I mostly use Visual C++ to develop software for industrial automation, monitoring and for embedded systems.
As you probably have found out browsing this site it's clear that photography is one passion of mine. I like to make trips through nature in Italy and abroad and I am always looking for photos that my inspire or surprise the viewer.

The Photo Gallery of this web site is the main container of the photos, most of them are ready to be used as wallpapers and sometimes this doesn't allow me to crop them as I would like. Moreover during last 12 years it grew a lot and there is now a wide range of images, some were taken on film, others with compact digital cameras, some are good others with a rather questionable quality. Now I decided to start publishing all my best shots as a Photo Blog, in this way all my best images can be found in a single place without having to search them in a huge gallery.

Take a look at my photos in the Pentax Photo Gallery !

Technical notes: I started to shoot photos with a Pentax K1000 then I had several Pentax and Ricoh slr cameras. Lenses I used in the past: Pentax 20 F4, 28 F2.8, 35 F2.8, 50 F1.7, 50 F2.8 macro, 135 F3.5, 200 F4, 28-70 F4 AF. Sigma 105 F2.8 macro AF, 70-300 F4-5.6 AF. Now I mostly use these lenses: Pentax DA 12-24 F4, DA 17-70 F4, DA 55-300 F4-5.8, D-FA 100 Macro F2.8.
For macrophotography I used a bellows with a dedicated lens (a Pentax 100mm bellows), two or three flashes. On film days I also used a special viewfinder for my Pentax LX. Most of the photos taken on film were shot with Fuji slide films and scanned with a Nikon Coolscan III (LS30) film scanner.

Pentax MZ-3This is the last film camera I used: Pentax MZ-3.

It was a nice light camera, but for macrophotography works Pentax LX was much better.



Coolpix 990On November 2000 I switched to digital and bought a Nikon Coolpix 990, since then and for 2 years most of my pictures has been shot with this Coolpix.




Minolta d7iOn December 2002 I bought a Minolta DiMage 7i, it's a very good camera that gives better images  than Coolpix 990.





Pentax *ist-Ds2005, back to Pentax !

I bought a Pentax *ist DS !! I am very happy with this d-slr, I can use all my old lenses, flashes and accessories moreover it gives wonderful images. I also added to my lenses collection the Pentax zoom 18-55 F3.5-5.6 and the Zenitar fish-eye 16 F2.8.



Pentax K20D 2009, Pentax K20D and Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4.5 are the last update to my photographic equipment. The K20D is really a huge improvement over the *ist DS, in particular when shooting directly in jpeg.




Pentax K-5 2011, Pentax K-5, a huge improvement over the K20D in particular when shooting at high iso





In the exif info of the pictures in the photo gallery you can see which camera I used for that image.



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